Casa Stizzoli Restaurant

Casa Stizzoli Restaurant

Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-12-01 01:46:47

Undoubtedly, Pizza is one of the most famous and valued dishes in the world, and above all, it is one of the most demanded creations due to its perfect preparation, combination of ingredients and crunchy texture.

Millions of pizzas are consumed every day around the world and in Panama, the great Italian influence that is reflected in the local gastronomic trend, has brought with it the most varied creations that come to enchant the palate of all pizza lovers. In fact, it is no longer necessary to travel to Italy to enjoy the true Italian pizza, just be impressed by the delicious creations that you will find in the following section dedicated to some of the best pizzas in Panama City.

Casa Stizzoli combines the Italian modern cuisine with the classic and traditional recipes that characterize Italian gastronomy as a world famous art, in a unique atmosphere at the city, due to its exclusive design, impeccable decoration and service, that will make you feel at home!

This successful gastronomic proposal travels from northern to southern Italy and it is strictly engaged with the product’s quality, most of them with protected designation of origin to evoke the authentic flavors of each region. In a vast menu that includes various meats, fishes, antipasti, risotti, among others, are the handmade pastas and pizzas the emblem of Casa Stizzoli.

It is thanks to Roberto Stizzoli, a Pizzaiolo certified in Italy in the preparation of more than 6 doughs, that Casa Stizzoli is distinguished in the region by being the only restaurant that offers Italian Tradizionale Pizza, In Pala Romana Pizza and Napoletana Pizza, between other preparations, following the guidelines required by the associations that regulate Italian pizzas.

The Italian Tradizionale pizza made with a long ripening dough results in a very thin and moderately crispy pizza. On the other hand, the unique In Pala Romana Pizza of elongated shape with its crunchier dough is the sensation of Casa Stizzoli, as well as the Napoletana Pizza, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, with a dough baked exclusively on a Wood-fired oven for brief seconds resulting in a slightly crispy pizza on the outside and soft in the inside. No matter what type of pizza you prefer, all of them will be prepared with handmade pre-mix doughs such as biga and mother dough, baked at the required temperature in one of the two exclusive ovens that you will only find at Casa Stizzoli!

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