Panama Chiropractic Health Center 2020-10-13 11:48:44

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Good Livin’ Panama. I am looking forward to sharing some more information with you this month on our general topics of improving body, mind, and spirit. This month we are going to talk about habits. We all have habits and they impact us every single day. Habitual thoughts, actions, and behaviors are an integral part of human nature and are inevitable. No need to analyze or argue with that premise too much, it’s just a part of our brain chemistry and nervous system.

What I would like to give some attention to however is; did your habits choose you or did you choose your habits? That is the crucial question. A better way to phrase it is; did you wind up with default behaviors like poor eating, avoiding exercise, or any number of negative actions that likely don’t serve you? or did you look at your goals and objectives and consciously develop habits and structures that will lead to you getting the various results you want?

It is of course obvious which option is better. This concept is so simple that many people overlook the amazing gains they could make with just a little effort. We definitely don’t want anyone here to fall into that group, so I offer the following exercise. Take a piece of paper and make two columns, Positive and Negative. For the next couple of days be mindful and keep an eye out for your habits. If it is a positive habit and is life-affirming and/or in line with your desired goals put it in the Positive Column.

If it is a negative habit that is harming you or not aiding your wellbeing or growth, put it in the Negative column. Now read over the positive column and mentally congratulate yourself for each item on the list and continue those. When you’ve completed the positive side head over to the negative column and for each item listed write down what positive habit could replace each of the items listed. For the next 10 days do your best to act on each positive replacement habit you wrote down. Hopefully, that is enough time to have the new positive habit develop but if not, feel free to extend the process.

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