Authentic restaurant with a French touch of love you will also find a Mediterranean twist and influences of international gastronomy...

Austin Hess 2020-12-01 09:01:45

Good cuisine requires time of preparation and time to fully enjoy it! This is how we invite you to take some time and read the proposal of these 6 impeccable restaurants that are featured on the 13th edition of The Restaurant magazine, which will take you on a journey through the gastronomic trend of Panama.

La Boucherie recently opened on the new indoor terrace of Multiplaza. In this authentic restaurant with a French touch of love you will also find a Mediterranean twist and influences of international gastronomy, creating a fusion of flavors on your palate. This majestic cuisine can be paired with delicious cocktails at a great price in an exquisite contemporary European style atmosphere with large windows, amazing views with natural lighting and modern music, to make each visit a pleasant experience in every way.

The decoration of this restaurant will take you to another place, with live plants hanging from the ceiling, as well as comfortable furniture and an impeccable bar; all of it will make you feel of being in an exclusive and unique place. In La Boucherie every detail has been thought of, to spoil diners; from the personalized attention at the entrance, to the elaborated menu where each dish has meticulously been designed, like a piece of art, to exalt the most authentic flavors. The specialty in La Boucherie are the meats imported directly the from United States to ensure the best quality at the best price. The Black Angus goes beyond any typical Angus. Thanks to the level of consistency in its production and quality control at each stage of the process, the superiority of this meat is reflected in its bright red color, fine texture and particular marbled or intramuscular fat that guarantees an excellent product.

Among the different cuts of meat featured on La Boucherie’s menu you will find New York Prime, Ribeye Prime, Porterhouse Prime and Cowboy Prime. These are all prime cuts that come with the garnish of your choice. From some French Frites with the chef’s special sauce to a delicious mashed potato with truffles, not to mention the spectacular mashed sweet potatoes among the green specials, which also includes asparagus at unbeatable prices.

La Boucherie’s menu is a journey through the world and its different culinary traditions. In addition to meats, the multiple starters such as Salmon Tartar or Roasted Cauliflower with yogurt, herbs and pieces of grilled tomato, are just a temptation to the palate.

Main dishes such as the Grilled Branzino, a fish imported directly from the Mediterranean Sea and served with the chef’s special sauce made with butter, lemon and parsley, is a clear reflection of the European-Mediterranean influence that defines La Boucherie. The menu also features prime burgers prepared with the best meat, varied pastas, salads, and even and special menu for kids.

All this accompanied by one of the most interesting wine cellars that will take you on a journey through the most recognized vineyards of the world, as well as a great variety of cocktails prepared with fresh ingredients and the best spirits by the hand of professional bartenders.

In itself, this is a great place to organize private events, corporate meetings and to celebrate any special occasion in an environment created to live a multisensory experience that will make you come back for more.

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