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CasaCasco is described as a multi entertainment center that offers a perfect fusion of contrasts between classic and avant-garde style...

Austin Hess 2020-12-01 08:21:32

CasaCasco is described as a multi entertainment center that offers a perfect fusion of contrasts, between classic and avant-garde styles. Inside this building there are restaurants: Mano de Tigre with international cuisine and Panamanian dishes; Nacionsushi, a Panamanian sushi franchise that offers Japanese and Vietnamese options; and, on the third floor is Marula, a restaurant of signature fusion cuisine with Panamanian touches. Finally, on the roof top is CasaCasco Club and La Terraza, which is also described by the owners as “the jewel in the crown”.

Guillermo Andrés Morón, founding partner of CasaCasco, says that when the group decided to invest in this building, the easiest and proven recipe was to develop a structure that aimed to offer a restaurant, hotel and terrace service. However, they decided to take the risk and invest in a new concept, which ended up creating a place that today offers three different restaurants, a disco and a terrace; All in the same place.

From the splendid terrace of CasaCasco you will have a panoramic view of the entire Casco Viejo, Cerro Ancón, Cinta Costera and from one of the corners at the main bar, it is also possible to see the lights of the Panama Canal. In itself, these five experiences have made CasaCasco the meeting point for those who want to enjoy a pleasant and different evening, paired with an international gastronomic proposal, high-end cocktails and the best music that will make you come back for more.

CasaCasco celebrates its third anniversary this year, with great successes and good experiences. Three years of being the protagonists of spectacular sunsets and special nights, with over 1,500 visitors coming every week to enjoy the five experiences offered on each floor of CasaCasco.

In the words of G.A Morón, “Our main purpose and where we aim is to consolidate ourselves as a tourist reference in Latin America, while improving our service more and more to reach international standards and serve as inspiration for the rest of the industry. We want to be a mandatory stop in the country and spearhead in one of the most important tourist areas of Panama City such as Casco Viejo.”

Elisabetta Deambrogio, business partner also mentions that “the passion of all of those who have collaborated is reflected in every detail so that CasaCasco remains an exquisite place, with multisensory entertainment in Casco Viejo. We, together with our wonderful collaborators, strive every day so that each visitor has an unforgettable experience.”

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