A place with a great ethnical and cultural wealth that is reflected in its traditions dances music and great cuisine...

Austin Hess 2020-11-30 08:01:40

Bocas del Toro is located in the western end of Panama, a few kilometers away from Costa Rica. The main city of this archipelago is known as Bocas Town and it is located in Colón Island, a place with a great ethnical and cultural wealth that is reflected in its traditions, dances, music and great cuisine.

Bright colors characterize its wooden houses and its hotels mainly located on the water, count on restaurants offering impressive views to the sea and unforgettable sunsets. In the evening, this little city stirs up within a typically Caribbean and Afro-Antillean environment, with lounge bars, international-cuisine restaurants and places to enjoy the reggae music.

The archipelago is formed the islands of Colón, Bastimentos, Solarte, San Cristóbal, Popa and Cayo Agua, and by several coral atolls and islets offering dream beaches surrounded by palm trees, a spectacular barrier reef, several sea species, emerald-green waters, mangroves, tropical forests inhabited by an incredible fauna and a lush flora. It is a world that turns around water and nature where aquatic taxis are the main mean of transportation; however, you can discover the surrounding areas by renting an ATV at Flying Pirates.

Bocas Town is the perfect starting point for discovering the archipelago. At a short distance is located Bluff Beach, the favorite one among surfers from all over the world, and one of the beaches chosen by turtles as a nesting site between March and October.

In the surrounding islands there are also great accommodations that fit all budgets and expectations such as Island Plantation in Bluff Beach, Skully’s House in Big Creek, Azul Paradise Hotel & Resort and Red Frog Beach Island Resort on Bastimento Island. And on the way to Chiriquí, you can stop at El Refugio La Brisa del Diablo and enjoy a night or two of the view of the Barú Volcano

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