A Country Full of Destinations: Chiriquí

Boquete is a charming little town of fresh weather hidden among the mountains of Chiriquí...

Austin Hess 2020-11-27 01:51:21

Boquete is a charming little town of fresh weather, hidden among the mountains of Chiriquí, at the foot of Barú Volcano and close to the border with Costa Rica. From the top of this volcano, the highest summit in the country with 3,474 masl, it is possible to observe both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean during clear days.

This picturesque town of kind inhabitants and flowery gardens is famous for the coffee plantations and citrus fruits cultivation which are rooted in the mountainsides. In fact, the best coffee of the world is harvested here.

The Geisha coffee, which is very appreciated due to its light smell and its honey and citrus perfume, is also considered the most expensive coffee in the world, reaching $1,300 per pound during the latest auction of the “Best of Panama 2020.”

In downtown Boquete, is possible to stop by The Perfect Pair, and enjoy a delicious coffee of their own plantation called Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estate paired with a tasty chocolate, the perfect match!

Boquete is a starting point for hikes, outings and trekking paths in primary and secondary forests where tree branches are filled with moss and shiny bromeliads that grow in the almost endless fog. Amateur bird watchers arrive in the search of resplendent quetzals which is the sacred bird for the Mayan civilization, due to their splendid iridescent emerald-green plumage. You can rent an E-Bike from Soul Planet Cycles with Vinny and discover all these wonders.

Due to all these attractions, as well as great location, Boquete has become a main destination for locals and international tourists who wants to escape from the daily routine and spend some amazing time in the mountains. Two of the nicest places to stay are The Palo Alto Inn, a lovely boutique hotel located just 2 miles away from downtown Boquete and close to the best restaurants of the area.

You can also stay at Coffee Estate Inn, a unique hotel inside a coffee plantation where they grow, roast, and brew their own coffee. Nothing better than waking up with the aroma of warm coffee!!!

The gastronomic proposal of Boquete is also unique, with all types of amazing restaurants and famous chefs that have taken this culinary experience to the next level! Sugar & Spice is famous for their delicious breakfast, freshly baked bread and pastry in general. For lunch, dinner or any special occasion, Boulder 54 with its cutting-edge cuisine will enchant the palate of everyone.

However, if you prefer to make your own barbeque, The Taste of Africa will deliver the best Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Pork directly to your home or hotel!

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