An Association of Great Minds

An Association of Great Minds

Austin Hess 2020-11-27 01:26:26

An Association of Great Minds is a project developed by four visionary entrepreneurs that share a common passion, their love and commitment for Panama. This platform was created aiming to promote the country to the world by showing the culture, nature and social richness to boost international tourism, while showcasing this tropical paradise as the perfect destination to visit or invest in a better future!

Led by Michael Vuytowecz, who has been active in Real Estate sales and Mortgage Financing since 1985. Since 2010 Michael is working in Real Estate sales in Panama. After spending two years touring the country multiple times researching the market and looking for opportunities, he launched Inside Panama Real Estate. He currently oversees 5 locations, and serves most of the country.

Austin Hess is also part of this wining team! Austin is Senior Editor of, The Restaurant & Travel Magazine, The Panama Good Times newspaper and, an incredible website that features all the information about tourism in the country and much more! Austin’s love for Panama has grown over the years as a result of the different projects that have taken him to discover each corner of this rich and biodiverse country.

John Carey, a native of Daytona Beach, Florida, now spends his days living the Panamanian Dream while introducing it to expats from around the world. He is the Panama Dream Maker and is in the business of helping people, and enjoys the satisfaction of seeing others have fun and explore the Republic of Panama.

Richard Voisin is the fourth member of this group that wants to show all that Panama has to offer to the world! For Richard, nature and adventure have been at the core of his existence. As a result, he has always found creative ways of living his passion. His curiosity and love for visual excellence in photography and cinematography has created opportunities to explore many locations globally and showcase them through his work.

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