Obesity: A True Pandemic

Obesity: A True Pandemic

Austin Hess 2020-11-27 10:12:05

It is certainly true! Both overweight and obesity are a true pandemic that currently claims thousands of lives annually. Since 1975, obesity has nearly tripled globally and by 2016, more than 1.9 million adults over the age of 18 were overweight, of which approximately 650 million were obese.

Of course, Panama does not escape this reality. 62.2% of the adult population suffers from overweight and 26.8% from obesity, a condition that leads to serious health risks. Unfortunately, we ignore this situation until we are victims of its consequence, including diabetes, hypertension, among many other chronic diseases that deeply affects our society.

That part of the solution is in our own hands by developing simple and low-cost practices such as having a healthier lifestyle, performing daily physical activity for 30 minutes, reducing the consumption of processed foods and sugars (especially from “soft” drinks), and having good hydration (at least 2 liters of water daily). These are strategies that, as simple as they may seem, in some cases are extremely difficult to carry out due to our demanding lifestyle.

With the guidance of a qualified nutritionist in conjunction with doctors in the field, the challenge to combat this pandemic is much easier. Nutritionist and Dietitian Luz Pazmiño can guide you in your quest for a better health, lifestyle, and a balanced diet with exercise and common sense.

This is the right time to make the necessary changes and improvements to lead you to a healthier life.

For more information, call +507 6426-8247 or email luzp08@gmail.com and schedule your appointment with an expert such as Luz Pazmiño.

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