Panamá Pacífico: The BEST alternative to Live After the Pandemic

Panamá Pacífico: The BEST alternative to Live After the Pandemic

Austin Hess 2020-11-26 11:28:11

The pandemic and its impact have changed the way people prefer to live. Previously, the trend was to have an apartment in the city center, however, after this situation, the numbers reversed. Today, our priorities have changed, allowing us to appreciate open spaces; Therefore, we see this change in the preferences of people, who seek more spacious and open-air alternatives.

The numbers are reflecting this trend, as it is the case of Encuentra24, a digital platform leader in the region with over 2 million users, 8 million visits, and 151 million page views every month. This platform registers the highest incidence of visits to advertisements for the sale of houses, apartments, land, beach properties, and farms. This is not only limited to the local market, other countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Arabia, and Spain, are also interested in these options.

This new trend has led to an important segment of the population to seek alternatives outside the capital city, which have also been valued in recent years. As Mauricio Saba, Residential Sales Manager of Panama Pacífico, points out, “these trends have led us to show very good proposals that the market is offering in terms of Real Estate in Panama, with projects that allow you to find that freedom in open spaces, without agglomerations and  contact with nature.

The Panama Pacífico Special Economic Area comprises 1,400 hectares, more than 4,000 residents, where 300 multinational and national companies are part and over 10,000 collaborators, of which 90% are Panamanian labor. More than 650 hectares of protected green areas, 6 km of trails, bike paths, parks, and spaces that allow interaction without crowds. A great connected and constantly growing community. Additionally, in this area, different residential projects allow us, not only to enjoy the amenities of a property, but also to live in contact with nature.

This area has strengthened during the pandemic. Solidarity is one of the values present in the community. A collaboration ecosystem witnessed the birth of ventures that later became a service platform for the entire country, such as the first Virtual Mall in Panama.

This trend has already been registered by the Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters, who have pointed out the change that the market has experienced in terms of preference for properties and, undoubtedly, Panama Pacífico is shown as a unique opportunity for residents and foreigners who want to make this place their home.

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