Sansara - The Restaurant Magazine Edition 15

A place created to inspire and encourage the conscientious traveler to tap into their untouched potential...

Austin Hess 2020-11-26 10:47:32

Located along the southernmost point in Panama in the Azuero Peninsula, you will find Sansara Surf &Yoga Resort, a place created to inspire and encourage the conscientious traveler to tap into their untouched potential, explore endless possibilities and foster meaningful connections. Surround yourself with the pristine nature, and untouched jungle that exists at the end of the road in Cambutal, Panama.

More than a beautiful hotel, Sansara is an entire experience! Here, you will enjoy the simple things of life spoiled by the kindest, most genuine, and hardest working professionals called the Sansara Tribe. Whether you’re a yogi, surfer, adventure seeker, or wellness-inspired traveler, this sacred space has been created with you in mind, offering services that adapt to all expectations.

You can spend your days practicing yoga, surfing at sunset, eating the most delicious cuisine, lazing in a hammock, or sipping cocktails around their natural saltwater pool, while the Sansara Tribe will support you along your journey and have all covered. And after a wonderful stay in this magical place, you will always be a member of their Tribe!

This unique resort is the product of a shared dream. Together, husband and wife Janel & Mike Phillips aspired to live near the ocean in a place where they could surf, practice yoga, and continually grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. They have built 12 private oceanfront cabanas, designed to inspire serenity, and create a place where they could share their incredible experiences with others surrounded by lush nature and quiet beauty of the property’s grounds. 

You can customize your experience and enjoy the best off-the-beaten-track adventures. Whether you crave hiking through the mountain side, deep-sea fishing in the Pacific, galloping along the beach - or simply relaxing, just let the tribe guide you! For more information, visit or via email and start planning a one-of-a-kind holiday!

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