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A colorful Food Truck that recently opened on 59th Street in Obarrio with the aim to transform the concept of street food in Panama...

Austin Hess 2020-11-26 09:42:04

OBRA is a colorful Food Truck that recently opened on 59th Street in Obarrio with the aim to transform the concept of street food in Panama.

In this creative space, art and passion for gastronomy intertwine to promote a unique concept that seeks to bring the quality and preparation of a high-level restaurant to an equally good and accessible alternative such as a food truck, so that all customers can enjoy their gastronomic proposal at attractive prices.

Specialized in burgers, OBRA aims to deliver a special creation to each client. It is a kind of present or a “work of art” that results in a unique burger. Even if they are well-known by burgers, their menu is so flexible that allows them to improvise on weekends and create original dishes to call the customer’s attention and surprise the palate.Make sure to try these amazing creations!

This project, led by Kevin Ruíz and his team, has become successful not only for the perfect symbiosis between art and gastronomy, but due to the careful selection of ingredients. Many of these products are organic and fresh at prices below any restaurant. From the lettuce brought from local hydroponic producers, fresh vegetables, and Certified Black Angus meat, OBRA aims to provide the best final product.

Mr. Burger, their mascot, is part of the OBRA experience! This entertaining celebrity will help you choosing the burger of your choice. The menu is short but concise; it is the result of a gastronomic journey that will take you to try the different combination of ingredients that make OBRA’s burgers irresistible. Just step out of your comfort zone and dare yourself to try a new world of flavors!!!

La Italiana stands out among OBRA’s creations. This burger comes with artisan potato bread, 7 oz Black Angus meat, genuine homemade Stracciatella cheese, “Italy Red” sauce with tomato chunks, and fresh arugula. This delicious combination creates an explosion of flavors and evokes the love for good food, characteristic of the Italian gastronomy.

OBRA’s piece of art is the unique Bistro Burger with 7 oz Black Angus meat, Swiss cheese, truffle aioli, kataifi threads, sliced radish, caramelized onion in Sweet-vine, bacon, and creamy mushrooms, becoming one of the most demanded burgers by clients. And for those looking for a healthy alternative, the Keto burger is ideal. Instead of bread, this burger is wrapped with hydroponic Butterhead lettuce, 7 oz Black Angus, American cheese, avocado, tomato, egg, and apple smoked bacon.

Another irresistible creations are the Crispy Chicken, Bacon-Cheese Burger, Mexicana Burger, and the classic Cheeseburger, all served with French fries and soda. For more information, follow them on @obrakitchen or via WhatsApp to +507 6851 3491 (where you can place your order in advance).

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