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The demand for these destinations is only set to rise after the risk of COVID-19 dissipates...

Austin Hess 2020-11-26 08:37:55


Because of recent uncertainties and the consequences of the pandemic, we have to rethink the way we travel. New trends in the global travel & tourism industry show a colossal shift from previously popular mass-tourism destinations towards destinations that are environmentally, and socially responsible, self-sustaining and provide a combination of adventure and wellness experiences. The demand for these destinations is only set to rise after the risk of COVID-19 dissipates.


Grounded on these new tourism trends, “Verawa World” is a new world-class ecotourism development, located on the Caribbean Coast of Veraguas, with the mission to become an icon for innovation and sustainability achievement.

With over 1,100 hectares of soft rolling hills with lush virgin rainforest along 10 kilometers of pristine Caribbean beachfront, Verawa World encompasses the development of 12 themed resorts, with a total of 3,455 tourism and residential properties and the largest variety of adventure, wellness, and activities of Panama at one single destination.


The Caribbean Coast of Veraguas is like an uncut gem; previously inaccessible and therefore unknown to most people. However, since early this year, new road developments have opened up this amazing region of Panama, providing a massive ecotourism development opportunity for the country.

The Caribbean of Veraguas offers an abundance of virgin rain forest, national parks, meandering rivers, waterfalls, tropical islands, and white sand beaches sheltered by impressive rocky ridges and cliffs, overlooking a crystal-clear turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Because of the richness of natural, historical, cultural and wellness attractions, the Caribbean of Veraguas has the potential to become the #1 ecotourism destination of Panama.


The Verawa World master plan was designed in collaboration with the Panamanian architect George Moreno & Partners, following the highest ecological, planning, and design standards, with a small footprint, aiming maximum conservation of the surrounding pristine rainforest.

The master plan also features a national airport, an ocean marina, multiple residential areas, shopping outlets, a spa, and wellness center, MICE event centers, an electric aerial tram spanning 12 kilometers and eco adventure parks with 50+ outdoor activities.


Verawa World provides a self-sustaining development that keeps our future needs in mind by using renewable energy, maintaining the natural water sources, and producing organic food under the “farm to table” concept.

As an ecologically responsible development, Verawa World is dedicated to nature conservation through the protection of a 900-hectare private wildlife reserve and preservation of the local indigenous culture and traditions.


Verawa World will be the first blockchain empowered and tokenized ecotourism destination in the world. Through blockchain tokenization, property investors will benefit from simplified, fast and secure real estate investment transactions. The destination will also implement its own digital currency “Awacoin” for all transactions, like reservation of hotel rooms, tours, excursions, and much more.

The benefits of decentralized, efficient and transparent transactions will lead to a more affordable tourism experience and a higher quality of the tourism service.


Verawa World is currently in the preparation phase of its first resort development “Pure Beach Resort”, consisting of 186 accommodations, with ocean view apartments, beachfront homes, and river bungalows, combined with a wellness and event center, marina and exclusive beach club. Pure Beach Resort is projected to open its doors by mid-2022. 


Property Investors are offered a unique proposition based on “OWN”, “EARN” and “ENJOY”. This allows investors to use their properties as their own exclusive lifestyle experience or to rent them out through an innovative “Blockchain Rental Pool” and receive a financial return.

Investors also benefit from the new tourism laws in Panama that provide strong tax credits and tax exonerations. Now is the time to establish your place in Verawa World and welcome the future of adventure wellness tourism in Panama. Visit or text +507 66 111 333 for more information.

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