Casa Urrutia - The Restaurant Magazine Edition 4

Casa Urrutia - The Restaurant Magazine Edition 4

Austin Hess 2020-11-25 02:16:51

Under the slogan “Good food is our thing”, Casa Urrutia has enhanced the Basque cuisine for more than 60 years in their 7 restaurants located in Spain, United States, Venezuela and Panama, which is the living proof of the spirit and quality of their gastronomic proposal. Today, Jon Urrutia, who proudly represents the third generation of a family that has made good food their passion and that has challanged the art of maintaining the traditional guidelines of the Basque cuisine in order to preserve their roots, without leaving aside the advances of modernity.

With two years in Panama, Casa Urrutia has captivated the palate of the most demanding costumers, who faithfully return to keep enjoying the best recipes of the rich Basque gastronomy, which is inexorably influenced by the classic Spanish cuisine as well. The menu presents both classic dishes of the house and creations of the moment with the intention of offering a versatile proposal, with options for all tastes and expectations, where quality and price have reached a perfect balance.

Within their proposal highlights the Basque Seviche, which differs from any other Latin American versions for its preparation, with a fresh shrimp marinated in vinegar and a touch of olive oil. The Casa Urrutia Octopus is another classic, the authenticity of its flavors and textures lies on the cooking process, which keeps it tender inside and crunchy on the outside. True, we have to mention their Garlic Shrimps prepared with the original recipe of the house, which has more than 64 years providing a unique and unrepeatable dish.

Basque cuisine is simple in terms of the use of ingredients, the strength lies in the way of applying them, and Casa Urrutia has accomplished this art after years of practice. A dish that defines this concept is the authentic Iberian Jam, even if it sounds as a simply dish, this ham has a designation of origin certification, passing through a maturing process of 36 months that enhances the flavor and texture. And what a better way to enjoy such a delicacy than by pairing the dish with a glass of wine from the house wine cellar or the original Urrutia Spritz.

Among the main courses the options are also multiple. Certainly, the Spanish “Chuletón de Buey” or T-bone steak is an icon of Casa Urrutia and emblem of the Basque cuisine, which is why they have taken the time to reach the highlands of Chiriquí in search of the best meat, prepared according to the requirements of the chef and 100% national product. This meat goes through a process of maturation typical of the Basque traditions, providing a flavor that you will hardly find outside Casa Urrutia.

The Paella is another emblem of the restaurant and is an amazing dish, also the famous seafood or pork sausage black rice and fideua, based on noodles, both of these temptations are made to share. Desserts are the order of the day, the exquisite Vanilla Torrijas with Pacharán is a type of bread soaked in vanilla and a liqueur commonly drunk in Navarre, as well as the homemade Chocolate Turron with Fior di Latte ice cream, are the best sweet treats.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Casa Urrutia and let yourself be spoiled by the passion of the good cuisine and stop enjoy the after office on the terrace of the restaurant, from Monday to Friday starting at 4 p.m. until 7 p.m.

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