Azahar - The Restaurant Magazine Edition 4

Azahar - The Restaurant Magazine Edition 4

Austin Hess 2020-11-25 09:29:44

Azahar Panama presents a fusion cuisine inspired by the most cosmopolitan gastronomic cities in the world, including New York, Florence, Lyon, Lima, London and Hong Kong. Offering a unique and refined experience to their guests, with a proposal of high-end gastronomy to please the most demanding tastes. Their original cuisine, vigorously influenced by the Mediterranean and Asian essences where each dish has its own personality and spirit, a result of a combination of flavors and aromas, are the prelude to an unforgettable culinary experience.

The menu is very versatile and Chef Henry Briceño, together with Sushi Chef Rubén Cova, both with more than 15 years of experience within the culinary arts, have been able to combine ingredients and styles of the world with varied options ranging from meats, fish and seafood, pasta and risottos, as well as sushi prepared with Japanese ingredients, resulting in a interesting gastronomic proposal for all tastes and expectations. In order to present this excellent offer, Azahar Panama uses different ingredients, being both local and imported products of very high quality, which go through an exhausting approval process to offer an optimal final product.

Among the dishes most requested by the customers stands the exquisite Tuna Pizza with fine cuts of “AAA” tuna, mayo-shiso scented with truffle oil on a crispy toast. Another option is the refreshing lobster ceviche accompanied by banana chips and a chili pepper sauce to give the dish a spicy touch. This seasonal dish mixes lobster with strawberries and purple onion in a harmonious and refreshing combination.

Likewise, it is important to mention the Filet Mignon that is represented by a fillet presented in a crust of bacon, reduction of beef, sautéed mushrooms on potatoes and emmental cheese that gives a unique touch to the dish. The Boneless Pork Ribs is another main dish that stands out for the tenderness of the meat and explosion of original flavors as it is served in its own juices with sweet and sour applesauce, a result of a low temperature cooking process.

Among the sushi it is suggested to try the Mr. Miyagi made with fresh salmon, avocado, tempura spikes in eel and dragon sauce, wrapped in soy paper. Another innovative option on the menu are the Pink Panther rolls with fresh salmon, cream cheese and avocado, wrapped in a ginger-flavored soy algae, that certainly enhances the fusion of colorful flavors.

And to close this unparalleled experience to the palate, what a better way to do it than with the explosive sphere of chocolate over cocoa land, filled with vanilla ice cream and fruits. This elaborate dessert melts once in contact with the chocolate fondue, literally creating an explosion of textures and flavors.

The creative gastronomic proposal of  Azahar Panama is paired with one of the most complete wine cellars, with more than 95 labels and not only that, they are also recognized by their passion for gin and the famous “Gin Cart”, a wagon with 12 types of ultra-premium gin and more than 20 fruits and botanicals to make the Gin Tonic to the taste prepared by an expert, who will suggest the best mixture to combine your drink with the meal.

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