The Quest: A Mangiare

The Quest: A Mangiare

Panama Chiropractic Health Center 2020-10-13 09:00:48

A Mangiare is an authentic Italian restaurant that invites you to enjoy a sincere culinary proposal with original flavors of the traditional Mediterranean diet. Its name, "A Mangiare", is the classic phrase used by Italian moms to call everyone to the table when food is ready, dishes are served, and everyone is willing to start eating! From the first moment, you will feel that you are arriving at the right place, with a simple but cozy atmosphere where aromas and flavors invite you to discover a wide menu that travels through the Italian cuisine with an emphasis on recipes from the Piedmont region.

The cuisine of A Mangiare is under the tutelage of Chef Gisella Contini, owner and the person who dedicates her time to prepare the most delicious dishes preserving the original recipes with meticulously selected ingredients to ensure a unique experience on the palate. Chef Contini has conceived her restaurant as a family place that invites everyone to taste her elaborate cuisine with the warmth of home and the authentic kindness and charisma that define both the chef and her team.

The menu strolls through the most varied handmade pasta prepared every day by Chef Contini herself, including Agnolotto, Tortellini, Cavatelli, Trofie, Gnocchetti Sardi, Tagliolini, and the rarest forms of pasta such as Caramelle di Zucca and Cuori di Salmone. All accompanied by delicious fresh sauces. Likewise, the menu offers main dishes based on meats, seafood, and fish prepared with the classic Italian recipes and flavors.

The cuisine of true Italian tradition and family hospitality makes A Mangiare the most authentic Italian restaurant in Panama. Here wine is an object of worship that is combined with each dish to enhance the true Italian gastronomic experience. In A Mangiare they promise to give you an authentic Italian home experience with a pure and sincere cuisine whose portions are very generous, and prices are very competitive. Make sure to visit their website for more information and make your reservation at +507 208-6960.

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