The Casco Door Project

The Casco Door Project

Austin Hess 2020-11-23 03:23:48

The Casco Door Project

• A cultural event organized by the Casco Antiguo Neighborhood Association (AVACA) for the implementation of community welfare programs.
• Avaca was founded 11 years ago and more than 100 neighbors and friends of the Old Town belong
• 50 pieces were made by 43 local and resident artists
• The auction to raise funds starts on October 29 and ends on December 21
• It is the 4th version of the auction that has been held in 6 years.
• Visits to Casa Pérez Alemán are possible on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 to 9 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. Sundays.

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Instagram: @avacacascoviejo

The Casco Door Project is an idea that emerged from AVACA six years ago when the first version of the event was held. The association began to collect the doors and windows of the old buildings before they were restored by the Conservatorio company, with the aim of inviting different national and resident artists to intervene in the pieces.

All the artists who are participating went to the warehouse located on Calle 2 in Casco Viejo to select the piece of their choice. The rules they received were quite simple, you can intervene as long as the subject is related to Panama.

50 pieces were made by 43 artists. The main themes of the 2020 version were Panamanian women, animals, nature, Casco Viejo and some interventions with religious tones.

Casa Pérez Alemán, a pink building on Avenida A between Calle 7 and 8, is the venue for the exhibition. Anyone can see the works of these talented artists between October 29 and December 21. No reservation is needed to visit the Casco Doors exhibition. However, to guarantee distance between people, only 20 people can be there at a time. Visits are possible on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 to 9 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. Sundays.

The auction to raise funds for the Association of Neighbors and Friends of Casco Viejo (AVACA) begins on October 29 and ends on December 20. People can register at To be able to auction on any piece it is necessary to place the user's credit card.

The access link to see the catalog of all doors and windows is:

The auction will be silent using software that allows people to bid for the works even without being present at the event.

In 2010 AVACA was created as a community association made up of residents and business owners. They have a board of directors of voluntary participation and an employee, the director who is in charge of being the link with institutions such as the Municipality and the Office of the Old Town Office (OCA). This association carries out social works and activities for the benefit of the community.

List of artists:

Achu Kantule - Adek Guainora - Aimeth Aguilar - Alessandra Rosas - Alexis Benalcazar - Ana Lida Diaz - Angela Maria Garcia - Aristides Ureña Ramos - Braulio Matos - Brian Vergara - Carlo Pio Uribe - Carlos Hutchinson - Chechel Rivera - Daniela Gomez Orillac - D. Milena Salas - Emmanuel Daza - Enoc Arango - Enoc Rudas - Esviel Jeffers - Gabriela Batista - German Lopez - Harry Segil - Idielgo Perez - Jairo Castro - Jairo Romero - Jean DeCord - Johanna Escobar - Jorge Bela (en colaboración con Jocsán Stewart Orozco) - Jorge Vallejos Ventura - Jose Luis Colina Rodriguez - Kansuet (Lucio Lopez) - Lida Castillejo - M. Gabriela Zerpa - Marita Preciado - Maritza Sevilla - Nelson Vargas Castrellón - Osvaldo Herrera Graham - Pascual Rudas - Ricardo Sanchez Beitia - Rolo de Sedas - Scott Crystal - Sharon Him - Vladimir Barrios

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