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Here they offer a gastronomic proposal aimed on a cutting edge American cuisine with a strong Asian influence...

Austin Hess 2020-11-23 01:55:25

Under an innovative concept, Brutto restaurant recently opened its doors. Here they offer a gastronomic proposal aimed on a cutting edge American cuisine with a strong Asian influence. They have created the idea of providing convenient and comfortable food dishes to share during a visit with friends in a nice and bright environment where the contrast between modern and rustic is remarkable.

This restaurant has its own personality and stands out because it is not framed by rules or stereotypes. It is simply moved by the concept of presenting a creative and versatile proposal that is evident in each dish. This is the result of a blend of flavors and scents coming from the international cuisine.Among the suggestions is the Octopus & Tapioca. This is a must that will simply surprise you for its originality and blend of flavors. It is similar to a crème brûlée, with a base of mashed yucca and octopus on the top served with onions and sweet peppers. In fact, it is so colorful that you will like to take a picture of it.

Another work of art is the Smoked White Tuna Tiradito with truffled olive powder, creamy black garlic, and chives. It is certainly an appetizer that you should not miss.

Among the “Big Treats” that stand out is the Asian Pork Ribs with barbecue sauce and corn powder. This dish is distinguish by the softness of the meat and the incomparable caramelized flavor that it leaves on your palate. In turn, within the concept of reinvesting traditional recipes, is the creative presentation of the Lobster Mac & Cheese.  This dish is known for its exquisite taste of the smoked cheese that melts in your mouth, together with the delicate lobster. It certainly is a dining experience that is difficult to forget.

There is also a wide variety of very innovative sushi on the menu. Some offerings are wrapped in dried tomatoes leaves, instead of seaweed, which gives a different flavor to the role. Within these, the Dragon Brutto with tempura prawns, salmon, kani, avocado, cream cheese and salsa dragon, is an excellent selection. 

As an emblem of the restaurant are the different sodas prepared from natural products, such as the unique pepper soda. Even if you think that it might be spicy, it is just the opposite. Instead, it is a refreshing drink that can easily go with any meal.

Hernan Cardozo, one of the owners of Brutto restaurant, is a young entrepreneur with many years of experience in the world of gastronomy and restoration. He graduated as a mechanical engineer and has managed to skillfully mix numbers and logistics with the art of cooking. This has resulted into a successful synergy between flavors and quality.

Due to his interests in gastronomy, and as a part of his various trips around the world, Hernan has brought ideas and knowledge that, together with his team he has put together and blended into each of the dishes. He has been able to satisfy the expectations of his guests who indeed are his toughest critics.

In turn, Hernan is considered the “Soul of the Restaurant”. He is always present, taking care of every detail and paying attention to the quality of service, which in turn makes the customer feel confident and appreciated as he is being cared for by the owner. But he is not alone in this phenomenal task. Actually, Hernan has a team who he has has personally hand-picked for the purpose of providing an excellent service. This turns the diners’ visit into a pleasant and memorable experience!

Without any doubt, the success of Brutto goes  hand in hand with Hernan Cardozo!

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