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Each dish has its own personality and essence result of a combination of flavors and aromas that are the prelude to a culinary experience you will never forget...

Austin Hess 2020-11-23 01:48:42

Azahar Panama, with its Fusion Cuisine is strongly influenced by Mediterranean and Asian gastronomy, where each dish has its own personality and essence, as a result of a combination of flavors and aromas that are the prelude to a culinary experience you will never forget. In a modern, ecliptic and elegant atmosphere, this place is ideal for corporate lunches, meeting with friends while having a great time with the excellent attention.

The menu is varied and offers dishes for every taste, from fine steaks to the freshest fish. Among the Chef’s suggestions is the highlighted and exquisite Lobster Ceviche which is accompanied by plantain chips and “Aji Chombo” hot sauce to give a nice spicy twist. This dish is prepared with baby lobster of the season macerated in a citrus blend, strawberries and red onion which creates a harmonious and refreshing combination. Another option is the Pink Panther roles with fresh salmon, cream cheese and avocado wrapped in pink soybean paper that certainly stands out for its colorful fusion of flavors.

The Tuna with Chia Seeds, served with watercress salad and a oriental sauce of shiitake mushrooms, evokes exotic flavors and stands out for its freshness. Another favorite is the Salmon Ravioli in a creamy dill sauce, garnished with delicate edible flowers. This is a very balanced dish that provides soft tastes to the palate. Surely, you don’t want to miss one of the insignia dishes of the restaurant which is the traditional Sweet Gorgonzola Risotto with mushrooms, that melts in your mouth creating an intense explosion of feelings.

All of your festivities should end with a flourish! What  better choice than the Chocolate Ball on a cocoa ground, filled with vanilla ice cream and berries that literally melt when it comes in contact with the chocolate fondue, creating an explosion of textures and flavors. It is worth saying that Azahar Panama has its own pastry chef, who is passionate about chocolate. That is why this dessert is the living sign of his love for chocolate!

The varied gastronomic proposal of Azahar Panama is accompanied by one of the most complete of wine cellars with more than 95 different labels. They are known by their passion for gin and their famous “Gin Cart”, a small cart that from Thursday through Saturday that passes around the restaurant.They offer the most recognized brands and the expertise of a bartender who will suggest the best concoction to pair your drink with your dish.

Miguel Merckz, is an entrepreneur,  a dynamic and tenacious young man who is  one of the owners of Azahar Panama. With several years dedicated to the world of catering and gastronomy, Azahar represents for him a professional challenge that he has successfully brought forward with passion, dedication and hard work.

Miguel presents himself as a pragmatic, strategic and a persevering person, who strives to achieve the goals he has traced in his life. Azahar Panama certainly is the result of the effort made along with the collaboration with other partners. That is why Miguel is taking care of every detail, every taste, and every dish existing on the menu. Hand in hand with the Chef and all the staff, they have proven that the best way to combine flavors and ingredients is to provide a consistent and coherent gastronomic proposal that fulfills the current expectations of the market.

In his opinion, Miguel believes that cooking is a mixture of cultures and traditions. This comes from knowledge he has gained traveling the world and as a result of his european background. From childhood he grew up influenced by the value of the good life and the art of food. These are the elements that drive him daily in order to create and provide a cutting edge culinary proposal.

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