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Authentic Italian restaurant, rooted in a purely Mediterranean cuisine...

Austin Hess 2020-11-23 01:06:51

La Vespa is located in Panama City, and recently celebrated its second anniversary with a great party that reminded us of the unique Carnival of Venice. This authentic Italian restaurant, rooted in a purely Mediterranean cuisine, reflects not only the passion for the traditional food “Come a Casa”, but also, it is a true representation of the Italian lifestyle. This is a result of a mixture of elements; an exceptional food prepared with the freshest products on the market, a vibrant atmosphere, with great live music, activities and cigar and rum nights, with the best attention from the staff and management.

Every dish prepared in La Vespa seeks to present the typical flavors of a country where food itself is an art.  They are always looking to ensure an unparalleled dining experience. For starters, the Chef’s suggestion is a table of rustic Antipasti with mozzarella cheese made in Panama by Italian producers using hams, sausages, and various pickles. You can always order a delicious focaccia to accompany this entree.

As a main course, the Prawn Linguini, is one of the best options on the menu. This linguini is served “al dente”, prepared with olive oil, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil which evokes the purest flavors of the Mediterranean diet. At the same time, pizza is another great option that you should try. The key is the dough, which is made to be more elastic when preparing, as well as light and crispy after baked. The “Tricolore” pizza with prosciutto, arugula and parmesan cheese, or the famous “Vespa” with pepperoni, blue cheese and a touch of spice, are some recommendations within a broad menu of delicious options. To finish this gladiatorial experience, you should know that every good Italian waits for the “dolce”, and what better dessert than a fantasy of fruits with chocolate and ice cream. It is important to note that the chocolate used is locally produced.

La Vespa is the meeting point for Italians and all people looking for great Italian dishes that want to come and enjoy an excellent atmosphere. You are welcomed by a distinctive Vespa Scooter at the entrance, as an icon of the Italian design and lifestyle. You are invited to have a relaxing and fun time on their beautiful terrace with great live music, while having a typical Spritz Aperol. Just the perfect combination to enjoy “La Dolce Vita”.

Piero Spinelli is the Chef in charge of putting the special touch to the menu of La Vespa Ristorante & Cocktail Bar. A native from Novara, Northern Italy, with more than 26 years of experience in culinary arts, Piero came to Panama, invited by a friend, to spend a holiday, and fell in love with the Country and its people. Today, each of his dishes reflect the link to the culinary traditions that identify the Italian culture, where food itself is considered a work of art, as well as the passion for innovation and providing a highly gastronomic proposal that makes his diners fall in love with his dishes.

The key ingredients that define his kitchen are natural products of the highest quality and freshness which give an added value to local and artisanal production. At the same time, Piero understands that the value of his cuisine is based on teamwork, where all members play a key role in providing an exceptional dining experience. That is why he tries to preserve such a cohesion that encourages the whole team to work together for the same goal.

For Piero, cooking is an art that blends originality, creativity and innovation. He is always preserving the roots and basic essentials that enable him to provide a healthy dining experience which is rich in flavors and certainly keeping the high standards of the renowned Italian cuisine.

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