Best Coffee Shops in Panama for Digital Nomads

Best Coffee Shops in Panama for Digital Nomads

Gregory Clark -0001-11-30 00:00:00

Whether you have a regular office you work from and you're just looking for a great coffee shop for the casual business meeting, that spot to take your computer and focus down on your projects, or simply looking for a cool spot to link up with some friends that isn't a bar - we are all searching for the best cafe or coffee shop in Panama. 

When I broke away from my office environment over a year ago I have worked from every different spot, but I think I have identified my top 5 work spots for the digital nomad in Panama. As I write this, I am sitting in Annie & Motts Eating House enjoying a caramel latte, so let me dive into the list and provide google map links to each of the locations so you can judge for yourself. 


Annie & Motts Eating House



Located in El Cangrejo down a side street you would miss this place if you drive by and blink. The owners have converted an old neighborhood house into a swanky cafe with neo-modern wallpapers, seat fabrics, and all-around esthetic. The "living room" boasts a little couch set up next to filled bookshelves and a large window overlooking pine trees and full foliage making you feel like you've left the concrete jungle of the city for a more tranquil environment. The coffee is good, the wifi fast, and the staff friendly. This is my new go-to spot for meetings. 


Leto Coffee Brew Bar


Are you a coffee snob aka connoisseur? Then you'll probably enjoy Leto more than the other spots because of their wide range of specialty bean, manner in which they prepare and overall attention paid to the brew aspect. Leto boasts a more hipster vibe with industrial loft design esthetics.  This is a hip spot over in the San Francisco neighborhood, but it isn't that big. 


Amazonia Republic


If you like orchids and basically working surrounded by plants then you'll love Amazonia Republic. This spot is so quaint and filled with flowers and plants. It'll feel like you're working or meeting in a private garden. They are a restaurant and active plant nursery so when you're done working pick up an orchid. Located in the San Francisco neighborhood this place is great for meetings with great snacks or coffee. 


Cafe Unido

Ok, so Cafe Unido started off as the specialty coffee shop in Casco Viejo but has since grown significantly with a variety of locations, but in my opinion, the only one great for working from is the El Cangrejo location on Via Argentina as it is more conducive to that work environment with other digital nomads in work mode as well. With that said, the classic style of the Casco Viejo location is great for meetings as it provides for setting that classy tone. 


Other than these spots you of course could go to the standard corporate coffee shops like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, but if you're looking for something new with great unique environments where you can work in style then give these spots a try. 

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