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Playa Venao is filled with positive vibes and lots of music from March 20 to 29 with Sonica Venao. This innovative festival combines music, art and human connections through a playground for encounters, dancers, creators, passion and just pure fun seekers. The creators of Sonica Venao strive to create transcendental moments and connections in many ways through time and interaction that allow building a family and an alternative reality.

The coast of Playa Venao is an undoubtedly magical place, full of nature and inspiration. This destination attracts a variety of visitors, from surfers, through nature lovers, affluent travelers and families, providing a unique experience. For Playa Venao’s incredible atmosphere and mysticism this place was chosen as the epicenter of the great event that brings together famous national and international artists such as Armen Miran, Concret, Facundo Mohrr, Gab Rhome, Itai Kora, Norman Weber, Raidho, Valentin Huedo, Wuachuma, among other recognized musicians.

The tribe meets for 10 days and 9 nights on this mysterious journey to celebrate every moment of human existence. To attend the festival it is possible to purchase several packages, from the Full Journeys that covers the entrance to the festival during the 9 days and all its activities; as well as the trip of the First Half Ride or the Second Half Ride. The first half gives access to the events organized from March 20 starting with the Opening Ceremony to the event at sunset on the 25th. The Second Half give access to the events organized from March 25 after sunset to the closing event of the festival on March 29.

You can choose to relax or enjoy hundreds of hours of carefully selected music from around the world, with mystical ceremonies and mental expansion workshops that will make you live an unforgettable moment. Just take into consideration that Playa Venao is a very intimate place and accommodation options are limited, so you should book directly by calling the hotels in the area. For more details visit: and get your ticket for this unique experience!

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