Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-11-12 10:41:27

The Boná, Estivá and neighboring islets, located in the Gulf of Panama, district of Taboga, were declared protected areas by the Ministry of Environment (MiAMBIENTE) with the aim of protecting the varied species that inhabit the region, which constitute an important resource of biodiversity of these marine ecosystems.

The resolution signed by the Minister of Environment, Milciades Concepción, highlights that the general objective of Isla Boná Wildlife Refuge will be to conserve, protect and restore terrestrial and marine ecosystems within its limits as habitats of seabirds, coral communities, fish and cetaceans .This protected area has a land area that comprises 0.926 square kilometers equivalent to 92.63 hectares, and the sea surface of 3,885 square kilometers equivalent to 388.59 hectares.

It is also expected to conserve, protect and restore terrestrial and marine ecosystems, including species of fauna and flora with special interest in local and migratory seabirds that nest in Boná and Estivá islands. Along with maintaining and improving the health of the region's own forest and coral reefs in the protected area, as well as ensuring evolutionary and ecological processes, genetic flow and its biological diversity. In the same way, the creation of the protected area will allow to conserve the habitat of bird species and coral reefs that exist within its marine portion in an integral way and thus, to promote the scientific investigation on site and the development of eco-tourism in the area.

The resolution establishes that the creation of Isla Boná Wildlife Refuge allows the Republic of Panama to meet Goal 14.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals, by sustainably protecting marine ecosystems to avoid significant adverse effects. This resolution establishes that the activities of fishing exploitation that are carried out in the wildlife refuge must obey the provisions of the Aquatic Resource Authority of Panama law and other regulations that are approved for that purpose that are compatible with the objectives of the protected area.

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