Gabriela Pedrotti 2020-11-12 10:10:21

The colorful Mil Polleras Parade will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2020 in Las Tablas, province of Los Santos, to promote national folklore. This celebration, which aims to promote the cultural, folkloric and artistic expressions of Panama by showing the beauty of its typical national costume, gathers thousands of graceful Panamanians who exhibit the most beautiful Polleras in the world, a title that makes the country proud.

Within the framework of this event, a tight agenda of activities has been developed that begins on January 6. The program includes the National Congress of La Pollera, craft fairs, presentations, artistic stages and the great Mil Polleras Parade. Additionally, the event will have a new attraction for Panamanian and foreign tourists as announced by Aris Acosta, regional director of the ATP, which is the Grand Bazaar of Handicrafts, where artisan will be able to produce their pieces in place, promote and sell them directly to the public (without intermediaries).

A true rainbow, the brightness of gold, the sound of drums and the beauty of dozens of decorated carts, is what is experienced during this celebration whose first call took place in 2010 when more than four thousand ladies of all ages were presented, showing their typical and expensive clothing especially made for the occasion. In the latest edition, the event was attended by over 15,000 empolleradas, multiple delegations between family, government and private groups, as well as numerous decorated carts that honored the original custom of the Azuero region.

The Mil Polleras Parade is celebrated in the town of Las Tablas with the purpose of highlighting the cradle of national folklore, since precisely in Los Santos is where the traditional preparation of the skirts and the Panama Hat or Sobrero Pintao are made. This famous hat was recently declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and with this event, the community seeks to pay tribute to these traditional dresses. The economic impact generated annually by the parade is estimated at 30 million dollars injected into the local economy with over 227 thousand visitors.

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