On October 19, the city of Chitre commemorates the 171st anniversary of becoming a district....

Austin Hess 2020-11-11 01:01:36

On October 19, the city of Chitre commemorates the 171st anniversary of becoming a district. With different festivities and activities, the community will celebrate the foundation of the capital district of the Herrera province. Starting early, a large number of people will congregate in the emblematic Union Park to start with civic events and remember the day, back in 1848, when the village was elevated to a district.

After the traditional Thanksgiving Eucharist, the solemn session of the Municipal Council is held and once the flag is raised, the civic parade begins along the main streets, in which school delegations from all over the country, together with government entities and civic clubs of the province will participate and perform a display of creativity in each of the allegorical cars. The music of national composers will also sound during the celebration to pay tribute to the foundation of the so-called "City that grows alone."

The homonymous district is divided into five jurisdictions, which are: San Juan Bautista, Llano Bonito, Monagrillo, La Arena and Chitre. This last town is connected to the Pan-American Highway in the town of Divisa by the National Avenue, the main communication hub of the Herrera province and Los Santos. In turn, in its Old Quarter the city preserves a historical group of houses, churches, squares, avenues and parks, together with an important museum. Among the cultural events celebrated in this town we can mention the Holy Week, Saint John the Baptist commemoration, and Carnival.

One of the most typical things that you can find in Chitre are potters. Along the main road there are countless kiosks with picturesque crafts, although the mystery and beauty lie behind the façade, in the craftsman's workshop, where all these figures and plant pots are made. This local art usually catches the attention of both local and foreign tourists who stop by to purchase some unique pieces. Because of Chitre’s cultural and historical wealth, this place is becoming a mandatory destination for any avid traveler who wants to know the true essence of Panama.

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