Learning Spanish through culture and everyday living in Panama

Learning Spanish through culture and everyday living in Panama

Panama Chiropractic Health Center 2020-04-10 03:23:34

There are friendly schools located all around Panama. Some of them in downtown Panama City if what you are looking for is being in the metropolis area. However, if you prefer to be close to the beaches there are a couple in Bocas del Toro. For those that rather be in a mountain climate there are another two centers in Boquete.

Students from all over the world and different ages come to live and feel the Panamanian culture, love, language and practice it with confidence. They teach the Spanish, but all you learn it and live it together" becoming into an exciting experience full of new friends, new life point of views and even a new love for the lucky ones. Simply walking the streets in Panama feels great. People say hello, with a smile, just because they feel like it. Acknowledging their greetings with a similar response, accompanied by your smile, is a good practice and is in itself one of life’s most enriching experiences.

Part of the culture in many countries is avoiding contact to strangers and I know it may be dangerous and blah blah but I am not a child I know how to recognize good from evil so if somebody approach it with bad intentions I will kick him out. What it means is that being courteous has nothing wrong. Panama people come to you to chat is funny even if they do not speak your language is just about to meet new and different faces so do not be afraid but do it with precaution.

Good and evil are everywhere but you’ll live rather one or the other depending on what you have come for. Those who are not afraid to love with no color or race. No social class, no classy manners only common sense behave that might drive you to be mere yourself. Is in that right moment when you can taste better, listen more, jump higher, etc. You will really have fun.

I know happy couples who have found their other half here in Panama is not for everybody, but you can get your chances too. May be the language a problem? ehh Nope! I have seen couples that has learn to manage their communication by purely hands movement and noises (trying to speak each other language but nothing clear come out from their mouths). The more positive point of view of this would be that even you failed you has learned another language or you get married and with the time you will learn another language. Other possibility is none of the mentioned one but always you can have fun in the meantime.

Now imagine doing all that stuff in other language, Spanish for example.

Is it difficult to learn?

Like any other language learning depends on your motivation, the reasons to learn it. There is always a reason to do it, work, love, too much spare time. Well only you will know so keep it in mind to boost your learning skills. There’s not an estimate time to speak the language fluidly. Each place has their own way of teaching, some other share the same way but you can only complete courses on certain schedule. Speaking indeed is up to you. So be prepared to be flexible if you need to increase the days of your staying.

EyesOn Panama is not going to recommend specific company or school, go and do your job. Search for all over the internet, what I can say is that not all the best has beautiful websites it seems that they do not care about digital marketing and some of the worst has invested some money. The best way to chose is by call them, schedule a call by email first.

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