Fuerte Amador, the best port in Central America

Fuerte Amador, the best port in Central America

Austin Hess 2020-11-11 12:12:39

Fuerte Amador was distinguished as the best rated port among five destinations in Central America during the fourth edition of Cruise Critic Cruisers' Choice Awards 2019. The review highlights that Fuerte Amador is the closest cruise port to the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, being an important tourist attraction in the area for its strategic location and beautiful views of vessels standing by waiting for their turn to cross the Canal. In turn, from this place it is possible to visit the Miraflores Welcome Center, take a boat at the Gatun Lake or spend some time at the Biomuseo and downtown, as it is very accessible.

In addition, the port of Amador stands out in the first place of the category “Top ranked destinations of the Panama Canal and Central America”, followed by Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala; Cartagena in Colombia; Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera) in Costa Rica; and San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. With this distinction, the deputy administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama, Denise Guillen, referred to Panama as a country that once again shows that is capable of doing things well.

Guillen highlighted that Panama's advantage is the short distance between places, which allows tourists to take a tour that features the three cities: Casco Antiguo, the modern city and Panama La Vieja. Likewise, it is possible to visit the national parks surrounding the Panama Canal area (one of the top destinations for cruise passengers), and the entire history of the Transistmic Route used since colonial times.

Fuerte Amador and Fuerte Grant were two former US military bases built to protect the southern entrance of the Panama Canal. Amador was located under the Bridge of the Americas, while Grant consisted of about three islands near the coast, linked to the first by the road of the same name. The old fort Sherman was the counterpart at the northern entrance of the canal, located towards the Atlantic side. These forts were returned to Panama in 1999 and the area is currently a popular port for boats sailing on the Pacific.

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