The Casco Door Project

The Casco Door Project

Austin Hess 2020-11-11 12:05:11

The Casco Door Project is an event organized by the Association of Neighbors and Friends of Casco Antiguo (AVACA by its initials in Spanish), in order to raise funds to promote projects that will culturally and socially improve the essence of Casco, boosting the quality of life of neighbors and residents, while working with public entities to ensure compliance with the law and thus preserving this emblematic historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

This event represents the essence of Casco Viejo, where each door is unique, beautiful and has its own historical and cultural value. All these doors are collected in remodeled buildings of the neighborhood and, it is through the touch of each artist that their value and authenticity are enhanced. This emblematic event has grown over the last 5 years and this edition will feature 30 doors painted by a wide range of national and international artists. The exhibition will take place at Casa Pérez Alemán in Casco Antiguo.

Among the artists that will be participating is Achu Kantule, a painter born in the region of Guna Yala, who is internationally known for his works inspired by the geography, beliefs and traditional arts of Gunas, where the colors of Panamanian molas are combined with textures, under an environmental and ecological approach. Kantule’s door reflects his concern about turtles’ disappearing by plastic pollution, featuring a "nuchu", or sacred element in the Guna culture traditionally carved in human form and used to take care of the house, but in this case, it will protect the turtles.

Ian Begg captures the essence of Casco Viejo in two original doors that will be presented at the exhibition. The first one features giant Monstera leaves that represent the abundant nature of Panama; giving new life to the door with acrylic techniques and oil bars. The second door celebrates history by capturing six architectural images of Casco Viejo. The event will also involve Pablo Arosemena, Markelita Reyes, Harry Siegel, among other artists and after the exhibition, a silent auction will be held where it is possible to participate through an app that AVACA will soon release.

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