Supercharged Dopamine

Supercharged Dopamine

Austin Hess 2020-11-11 09:24:42

I am very excited to get this article out to all of you because it provides some relatively simple actions that can have a major impact on reducing lethargy, depression, anxiety and a host of other negative states that are affecting a growing number of people. The techniques to accomplish this are safe, completely natural and have no negative side-effects. It basically involves “supercharging” the dopamine levels in our body. Dopamine is the master chemical in our brain and is well known as the “Feel Good” neuron.

As described by a researcher and brain expert (see link at end of article), “Dopamine does more than just boost our happiness quotient, it is also responsible for regulating our muscle movement, improving cognitive function, helping keep us focused, make decisions, evaluate problems and solve them. Dopamine is undoubtedly essential for our wellbeing and happiness. Without high dopamine levels, we tend to experience depression, sadness, confusion, fear, negative thinking, rumination, and other emotional obstacles.”

Increasing the levels of Dopamine in our brain will obviously provide major benefits on many different fronts. Here are some great all-natural methods to get those levels raised: exercise, detoxing, meditation, uplifting music and good Sleep. Diet also plays a large role in raising dopamine levels, by consuming foods with the essential amino acid, tyrosine (a precursor to dopamine), you can naturally boost your dopamine levels. Tyrosine is found in the following: eggs, green tea, milk, watermelon, coffee, almonds, bananas, dark chocolate and yogurt.

As always, space in this column is limited so for more information go to the link below or investigate this topic with a qualified health professional.

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