Amador convention center is a priority for new ATP’s management

Amador convention center is a priority for new ATP’s management

Austin Hess 2020-11-11 07:34:42

The administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama, Ivan Eskildsen, together with the deputy administrator, Denise Guillen, has verified the progress in the construction of the Panama Convention Center during a visit made just days after starting his public management, in company of the representatives of the company China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CCA), the inspection company AYESA and directors of the International Tourism Promotion Fund.

During the visit to the convention center, Eskildsen said that his priority is to solve the pending issues to conclude this great project that has 91% progress, according to the latest report of the company supervising the project. "With the will of all actors involved, now we have the challenge of administrating and promoting the convention center, and for this purpose we are currently in contact with SMG company to define the contract and equipment of this center," he said. At the same time, Eskildsen mentioned that the idea is to start marketing the center as soon as possible and for this they are focused on closing the contract with SMG, operator and developer that will be in charge of managing the new site.

In addition to the joint coordination between the Promotion Fund and SMG to promote the center abroad, Eskildsen informed that the ATP is defining how to facilitate the access to the convention center in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), which has showed interest in improving the access road to the Amador area. This has been an existing concern in the industry and with the Tourist Cabinet soon to be established, this topic will be a project managed at this level.

The Panama Convention Center, with a maximum capacity for more than 20 thousand people, is divided into four large areas: banquets, large lobby, exhibitions and docks. The exhibition area is divided into three rooms for the celebration of several simultaneous events, all with acoustic panels, electrical systems and fire systems. The total constructed area is 61,175 m2, of which 33,178 m2 are salable for various types of events; the exhibition area covers 15,000 m2 and banquets 4,000 m2, with 1,700 parking lots, including a designated area for buses.

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