Panama City celebrates its 500 years of foundation

This is a transcendental date in the history not only of the country, but the entire Latin America....

Austin Hess 2020-11-09 03:36:03

On August 15, Panama City will celebrate its 500 years of foundation. This is a transcendental date in the history not only of the country, but the entire Latin America. To commemorate this day, a great variety of events and activities have been organized by the municipality and citizens are invited to participate in an atmosphere of joy, fun, party and a lot of music.

The foundation of the ancient city of Panama La Vieja took place on August 15, 1519, by the Segovian nobleman Pedro Arias Dávila. This was the first Spanish settlement on the American Pacific coast, becoming the starting point for the exploration and conquest of the Isthmus and other territories of Central and South America. This has also become the transit route for gold and riches to the European continent until the city was destroyed by the English pirate Henry Morgan, who decided to attack it and take all the treasures sheltered within the city’s walls, a fact that occurred in 1671.

The historical monumental complex of Panama La Vieja, designated as such by Law 91 of December 1976 and declared a World Heritage Site in 2003 by UNESCO, comprises the ruins of this first settlement. The archaeological site covers about 28 hectares that include both the ruins of some of the most important buildings of the colonial era, as well as the vestiges of the pre-Hispanic and colonial periods.

To commemorate this important date, multiple events are scheduled such as a parade where public and private schools, institutional and civil delegations are involved. Also, Panama 500, a varied program of artistic, cultural, gastronomic, musical and academic activities has been organized to honor and celebrate this great occasion that enhances the cultural and human wealth of the first city founded by the Spanish conquerors on the Pacific coast. For more details visit:

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