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Douglas Collins / Relocated from USA
Testimonial Do Panama 1
Austin Hess knows Panama from a viewpoint that few people will ever see. His publications and online platforms have kept him engaged with the people, the business owners and the country of Panama with personal experiences of real estate, relocation needs, quality of life issues from travel to restaurants to hotels. Most of all, Austin is committed to his family and friends and is welcoming to the Expat Community and one of the most valuable people to connect with the cultural pulse of Panama.
Johan van Huyssteen /Relocated from South Africa
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Austin is knowledgable and passionate. He has such love for Panama and with that a true desire to enable others to find happiness here. He shows immense enthusiasm, energy and drive to get things done - he is a pleasure to work with.
Nicolo Solzi / from Italy
Testimonial Do Panama 3
Austin is a new but very good friend. He manages his 3 businesses with lot of passion and enthusiasm. He is really well connected and he helped me a lot in my business, opening many doors for me.
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